For Neil Davidson

Kylie Stedman Gomes

“Neil is the most aware, insightful, supportive and multi-perspectival Listener I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. He draws out, accepts, embraces and holds complexity, rather than pushing it away or trying to prematurely break it into pieces or otherwise control it. And he hears people in their voice, at their rhythm and in their colours and textures and tones, and reflects back to them the underlying meaning and intent of their communication, often amplifying the essence of what they sought to express far beyond the limits of the words they themselves knew to use.”

Kylie Stedman Gomes, Presence of Mine
Alexander Laszlo

“You are a master of pattern perception and have the amazing talent of being able to represent those patterns/relationships in visually compelling ways as well as to empathetically engage with others (individuals and groups) in ways that communicate both at the heart level and at the level of intellect.”

Alexander Laszlo, Scientist

“I saw Neil in action for the first time at a recently held symposium in Brisbane. As Keynote Listener, he listened in on all the sessions at the symposium and in the end gently guided the dialogue towards its most obvious conclusion. Effortlessly he elevated the conversation to a higher level and allowed integrative links to emerge within the discussion. He identified what was said and the implications it may have on a mesmerising future.  His synopsis at the end was deeply engaging and resonated exactly with the thoughts floating in the room!”

Amrita Kambo, PhD Candidate Science and Engineering Faculty QUT

For Anne Billen

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For David Jago

I have known David for nearly 10 years and have:

Attended some of his courses.

Commissioned him to conduct tailored training.

Undertaken a joint assignment with him.

He is an excellent trainer.

“Tom Schwarz and David Jago trained approximately 20 facilitators in the first three modules of the Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation methods course.Tom and David’s ToP™ course was exceptional – it left me with the extraordinary feeling that I had ‘changed’. I think it provided me with the tools and confidence to engage and manage groups to various outcomes. (They) … demonstrated considerable expertise in facilitation, … were extremely well prepared…. respectful, considerate, helpful and flexible… demonstrated a passion of continuous improvement…I would highly recommend Tom and David. They are two keen professionals that have helped us build our facilitation capacity enormously.”

Russell Willing, Australian Government Natural Resource Management Facilitator