A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart – Goethe

There is beauty all around us, often hidden in plain sight.

Sometimes it’s a bee sleeping in a flower, sometimes a sunset lighting up the clouds, sometimes a majestic tree in a rainforest, sometimes the juxtaposition of unexpected subjects, sometimes the way the light catches a leaf, or the way a wave breaks… and, it’s always changing!

Once you start noticing these things you are never far from wonder at the patterns, cycles, complexity and relationships you see.

The key is not the quality of your camera gear, it is the quality of your attention.

Try it; crouch down to get closer to a flower in a garden or meadow, or watch the tide rise through mangroves, and then just wait… before you know it, other vistas and relationships become apparent – the insects, the light, the way the water, light or grasses move – the dance of life forces on this living planet…

Nature is awesome! All you need do is pay attention… and your energy goes where your attention is.

When you take your attention into the present moment,

a certain alertness arises. You become more conscious

of what’s around you, but also, strangely, a sense

of presence that is both within and without.

Eckhart Tolle

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