And Now What invites you, your communities and your organizations to become more collapse-aware, contemplate what this means for you and all you love, go deep into places of not knowing and discomfort, and find wise sources of nourishment and growth; all so we can bring our best selves to alleviate suffering and celebrate and serve precious Life.


We offer four services that progress across fractal scales; from conversations that transform individuals, to engagements that transform whole systems

Courageous Conversations

We invite you to bravely face the predicament of social-ecological collapse with a group of fellow travelers. A carefully designed and facilitated series of online or real-life courageous conversations inspire you to profoundly consider your life choices. Combining diverse knowledge, embodied insights and life experiences we (un)learn and sense, make sense and express, and start to clarify our calling and priorities in these times with others.

Coaching and Mentoring

Facing and acknowledging the enormity of what we are about to lose can bring us to dark and stuck places. Deep feelings of sorrow, anger and anxiety may arise. At some point you may feel a need for individual care, one-on-one assistance to discover your sources of wisdom and strength and help to find out what is yours to do. And Now What’s role as a coach-mentor is to walk alongside you, helping you to understand where you are in this journey, how that fits into your life, and how you might show up more fully in service to your calling.

System Sensing and Facilitation

And Now What engages and guides groups, communities and organizations to arrive at a shared understanding of our predicament and agreement on reframed priorities in the context of systemic collapse. We bring in systems context, listen deeply to responses, and adroitly synthesize what arises as we iteratively live the question And Now What together.

Outcomes for you and your community / organization could include:

  • a shared understanding of our common global predicament
  • better understanding of your local systems context and possible response paths
  • better modes of operating/ acting coherently
  • identification of knowledge gaps and new skills required
  • assisted procurement of requisite skills from a broad and deep network.


Whole Systems Design

Our current institutions and systems are failing us – they were designed to operate in a different time, context, and mindset than we now need. We need collapse-aware groups and alliances that can effectively integrate visionary participatory whole systems design and self-organizing bottom-up initiatives.

And Now What helps bottom-up initiatives, social-ecological entrepreneurs, and policy and decision makers work together as coherent ecologies with common intent and clear values. Our regenerative social-ecological systems perspective teases out and unlocks potentials and synergies and is tailored for scale to guide the redirection of resources towards better decision making and future-oriented design.