And Now What operates from an awareness of acute existential threats for humanity and complex life on Earth. We provide facilitation, learning and developmental journeys for individuals and groups to make sense, heal, transform, reorganize and act as needed to regenerate the web of life.

“…Now comes the time when great courage is required of the Shambhala Warriors, moral and physical courage. … They train in the use of two weapons. The weapons are compassion and insight. Both are necessary.” 

Joanna Macy, the Tibetan Legend of Shambhala Warriors in Active Hope

We walk with individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and communities as they attempt transformation in the face of the unprecedented existential challenges associated with collapse. We help you understand, discern and navigate the complexities of unfamiliar and changing inner and outer terrain.

We trust that our website gives an indication of the depth and breadth we bring to our approach — our capacity to face reality, and feel the implications; our deep appreciation for beauty, goodness and truth in every moment; our attention to and reverence for life; our love and grief for what we are losing; our holistic systemic vision; our abilities to sense into and hold space for more subtle energies to emerge; and our capacity to help articulate what we feel and what many are feeling

Our Team

Neil Davidson

Neil Davidson

…is an English-born Australian residing in Belgium who integrates natural science, photography and poetry to mindfully offer deeply grounded intuitive systemic insights. His passion is helping unlock generative potentials in individuals, institutions, communities and whole system design initiatives. Neil has a background in geology and marine biology, working with environmental NGO’s, governments, academics, eco-spiritual orders and communities on ecological sustainability and innovation. In trying to influence institutional decisions, planning and policies, Neil had to learn to understand human development, worldviews, cultural and economic incentives and how competition and conflict among these too often prevent deeper and more meaningful systemic collaboration and transformation. He left Australia mourning places he loves, as bushfires raged amidst continued government inaction.

Neil is our Systems Lens and Poet

He zooms-in and zooms-out as needed, encountering, engaging and dancing with people, beings and organizations as the complex living systems they are. Neil draws attention to the often-hidden beauty of inherent potentials and how these can be woven with synergy to co-evolve as contexts change. 

Anne Billen

…is a Belgian psychologist with over twenty years’ experience leading effective teams, fostering interpersonal dynamics and guiding organizational change in a medium-sized bank. She has built on embodied insights, extensive reading and studying and a deep personal development journey in over a decade of self-employment, coaching individuals, teams, organizations and transitions. As her awareness of our planetary predicament has grown, she has deepened her understanding of human development, trauma and emotions and committed to healing and regenerating nested living systems. Her passion is in bringing language and direction to the evolutionary potentials she observes in individuals and collectives as their consciousness grows.

Anne is our Focus Keeper

She brings challenging content, as well as healing and developmental wisdom. She nourishes us, keeps us grounded as we explore collapse-awareness, and holds our true course with fierceness and tenderness as we navigate our inner journeys and discover our emerging potentials.

David Jago

David Jago

…is an Australian facilitator of focussed, productive and meaningful dialogue. He has over 25 years’ experience in enabling people to engage deeply in the decisions and plans that affect them. This experience spans the public, private and community sectors. His core methods and frameworks come from the Technology of Participation™.  These may be augmented by design thinking, story-telling, ‘graphic discovery’ and building ‘pattern languages’. Based in Australia, David works with groups large and small, online and in person. He has worked with people from West & East Africa, South Asia, China, South-East Asia, the Pacific and Australasia. Having worked with Neil in past initiatives, David is delighted to join Anne and Neil in And Now What!

David is our Journey Steward

He curates our transformation tools, tailors our facilitation design, maintains our journey structure and stewards our processes. David holds safe-enough spaces as we all explore together, iteratively living the question And Now What? in the context of collapse. 

What calls us, unites us & connects us with
both our reverence & our responsibilities?


As Shambhala Warriors – Warriors of the Spirit – We rise…

We rise with reverence for those who came before us, and for those who will follow

We are called to answer the needs of this time with those who will join us

Those who will share our responsibility to bring our gifts,

Our individual and collective heads, hearts, and hands

Our response-abilities – our ways of seeing and sensing – honed over time

Articulating new ways of responding, through knowing and being

Embodying, being fully present, in ways that help regeneration

In this time of collapse and transformation of our only home.