We invite you on a Transformative Journey

This is not a journey for the faint-hearted.

We will challenge you to face the reality of our times and our predicament and transform anticipation of collapse into courageous and compassionate living.

Unless you are already somewhat collapse-aware, engaging with us may challenge you to face a reality so shocking you might have difficulty accepting it.

While we agree that no one can predict exactly what the future will bring, we do know what time it is on the clock of the world:

  • human systems are in global ecological overshoot;
  • we have already transgressed multiple Planetary Boundaries;
  • global climate disruption is locked-in;
  • the ecosystems we depend on for life are being degraded; and
  • our complex human civilization is approaching imminent collapse.

There are many signs this will not just happen to others, far-away, in some distant future, but that we are likely to experience it ourselves, in our lifetimes, at home, wherever we live – in fact, one only has to watch the news headlines to see that many already are.

Yes, this is heavy; and we make no apology – there is no gentle or easy way to say this:

Collapse will bring massive suffering and death;
it will mean the extinction of many forms of complex life on Earth
– potentially including humans.

Why do we invite you to face the unthinkable?

Because, whatever the circumstances,

we still have conscious choices

We can, consciously, choose to face reality with open minds, open hearts and open wills. We can, consciously, choose to prepare ourselves: for who we want to be (the best or worst version of ‘me’?), how we want to be (in denial, fighting, serving…?), who we want to be with, and how best to spend our precious time here on Earth. We can, consciously, choose to see and support the beauty, goodness, truth and living systems around us in ways that feed us personally and regenerate life. We can choose with clearer understandings to bring ourselves fully to living the question: And Now What?

We offer a safe-enough space for individuals, groups and organizations who ‘know’–but dare not mention the elephant in the room–to contemplate your choices, how you might show up more fully with the courage of your convictions, and how you might choose to act with greater coherence with your understandings and values.

If it deeply matters to you where your individual and our collective attention, energy, and resources are directed in times of great ecological and human systems collapse, then join us to consciously face this daunting reality, deeply contemplate your choices, and live them the best you can – connecting with your soul’s calling, and with others responding to the calling of Gaia.

Are you ready to join us on a transformational journey toward courageous and compassionate living more fitting for these times?